Privacy Policy


This privacy policy extrapolates how we use any personal information that we get about you when you use our website or our plethora of services or when you share any of your personal contact details or data with us.

It is responsible for the treatment, management,and protection of the data of its customers and users as defined by the Data Protection Regulations of the country.

Who does our privacy policy apply to?

Our privacy policy applies:

  • To those who visit our website
  • To anyone who voluntarily communicates with us or our website, including any of the various forms of contact offered by us or others such as chat systems or formsoffered on our website
  • To whom we request commercial information about the products offered by us on our website
  • To our services resellers
  • To our affiliates
  • To our clients with independent contracted services
  • To anyone who in the past, gave their express consent for their data to be treated by us with the purposes outlined in this privacy policy

The use of our products and services requires the express acceptance of this privacy policy. It is, therefore, the user's obligation to provide truthful and personal data corresponding to their own identity. Any responsibility for false or erroneous data is the user’s only.

What information do we collect?

To offer you the services we offer, we collect some personal information. For example, when you buy a domain, make a query to our technical department or request a maintenance service or even when you simply visit our website, we collect your personal data so that we can better serve you.

The personal information we collect includes:

  • Contact information, including name and surname, company name, email, telephone number, billing address, tax identification number, etc.
  • Access information to our systems, which includes usernames and passwords
  • Comments in the form of consultations and support tickets, whether sent through the ticket system, email or phone call
  • Marketing preferences that include if you want to receive our periodic emails or not and wish to subscribe to our newsletters or not
  • Information about all your visits to our website such as IP address and the use of cookies in order to track all your activity on our website

We always collect the minimum amount of information necessary to give you quality attention as well as the services we offer. The file where the information is stored has been duly registered with the Data Protection Agency

When we collect information, some of this is essential and is marked with a (*) on our web pages. If there is no response to that information, we simply cannot offer our professional services.

Lastly, it is also important to note that all the data collected by us is only to help our users enjoy a quick, efficient and hassle-free service. In addition to that, we regularly update our privacy policies to ensure that as a user, you are always updated with it. Once you accept our terms, you essentially agree to an understanding that we can use your personal data in whatever form deemed fit by us for our mutual benefit.